Does your business have a digital marketing strategy? What is the cost of execution and the return on that cost?

With more and more consumers flocking online and swiftly adjusting to the convenience of this Covid19 accelerated digital transformation, growth minded brands are now left with no other option but to reposition their businesses to fit this new consumer demand. 

The reality is, there’s only so much a consumer can engage with online on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and this has left brands competing aggressively for a bigger share of that limited consumer attention.

Not all forms of digital marketing tools are measured equally and neither are they priced the same. However, the following 7 types have proven to be the most cost effective for small and medium enterprises.

7 Low Cost Digital Marketing Tips For SMEs 2021

1. Interactive quizzes

digital marketing tips 2021

Online quizzes in marketing is one of the most underrated marketing techniques, yet, it could be an excellent way of delighting your customers, driving more engagement and generating more than just leads for your business. 

According to Outgrow, 81% of marketers agree that interactive quizzes grab more user attention. It is surprising to see that not many brands are utilizing this in their marketing efforts, even though it is practically free to set up. 

Here are a few guidelines given by Neil Patel when integrating quizzes in your marketing funnel:

  • The title of your quiz can either make or break this strategy, thus, take due diligence in choosing a title that is attractive and easy to relate with. 
  • Another tip to look out for is the type of quiz you go for. Be certain if you want to create a personality based quiz or a knowledge based quiz and tailor your questions accordingly.
  • Keep it simple, short and interactive with relevant images or clip arts. Having a minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 questions is the perfect spot you’d want to target.
  • Last but not least, integrate a lead form at the end, so you can collect useful information like names, emails and phone numbers to promote your products or services to.

2. Polls & surveys

digital marketing tips 2021

Polls and servers are excellent avenues for quickly gathering feedback around your product or services, and the fun part is, there are several ways for you to make your polls stand out.

The best mediums of utilizing this cost effective digital marketing tool is on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have integrated easy-to-use functionality that is designed to enable brands and marketers obtain user generated feedback through polls.

The major reasons why SMEs go for this option is that it is very easy to implement. Also, it is a powerful way of beating the newsfeed algorithm and boost high engagement on their page.

3. Contests & Giveaways

digital marketing tips

Is your brand taking advantage of promotional contests to engage with its audience?

An effective contest marketing strategy can drive faster brand awareness, promote your products & services and get you more sales at lower cost than PPC.  

In a digital transformation age with several brands trying to promote themselves on the same platforms, contests have proven to be the most creative way to interact with your target audience and stand out from the competition.

This is nothing new. As a matter of fact, it has been used by multinational brands for centuries in the form of raffle draws. Traditionally, raffle draws are quite expensive and tedious to pull off, but that’s not the case when you utilize the power of the internet. You can get started with your contest or giveaway by simply running a social media ad or paying an influencer with a high engagement rate to share your contest on their page.

As easy as this may seem, keep in mind that for you to get desired results, the item(s) up for grabs must be worth someone’s attention and equally urgent enough for them to take action immediately.

4. Enhanced Branding & Customer Experiences

online marketing tips 2021

Do you know that about 71% of consumers now choose to engage with and buy from brands that share their own values?

In this hyper-competitive market, low prices, discounts or deals alone won’t be enough for businesses to attract sufficient online sales. Consumers of this age now crave for more personalized content, products, services and experiences with brands.  

Enhanced branding goes beyond your products and services. It is an extensive approach of taking into consideration how these products will be presented to your audience, how to ignite their best possible reaction, how to create a smooth acquisition process for them and how to keep them loyal to your brand.

To provide smooth customer experiences, businesses must also consider that over 51% of the global population uses mobile phones to browse the internet and almost 70% of all product-related searches are made on mobile devices. Hence, creating mobile-friendly sites or apps is no longer a luxury but a necessity in 2021.

5. Aim For Position 0

SEO tips 2021

Nearly 55% of Google clicks come from Featured Snippets?

Ahrefs’ featured snippet study reported that a Featured Snippet gets more traffic than the first organic search result. Nearly 55% of Google clicks come from Featured Snippets, which appear on the top part of a Google search result page that summarizes an answer to a search query. It displays above the #1 organic result commonly referred to as “Position 0”. 

In 2021, aim to appear in position 0 by creating relevant, unique and quality content that is infused with schema markups. 

Appearing in position 0 takes a lot of SEO tactics to accomplish. Thus, making search engine optimization (SEO) part of your digital marketing strategy will give you a higher chance of getting picked on Google featured snippet.

While you can absolutely learn the basics of SEO, it would be more advantageous to work with a consultant or firm to take your ranking to the next level. 

6. Alternative social marketing

social media marketing tips 2021

Does your business have a presence on social media?

Being visible on social platforms is one way to grow your brand awareness and following, but it pays more to choose and start with one that is suitable for your audience. 

Social giants like Facebook has become a domain of noisy groups and untrustworthy companies, no longer the #1 place for every company to build a presence on.

Most influencers have moved to other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, that guarantees more engagement and reach. 

What platform should brands build a presence on then?

This depends mostly on the location, audience group and services or products of a company. Generally, companies with younger audiences should focus more on platforms like Tiktok and Snapchat, while those with older audiences can look to Pinterest or Instagram. If you’re into B2B services & products then platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter may work for you best. 

Either one that you choose, stick to it and build a strong presence on that platform before spreading to others.

7. Email Marketing & Automation

email marketing tips 2021

Are you currently leaving money on the table by not implementing email marketing?

If you don’t have an email newsletter or a mailing list, then you’re missing out on a 30% more sales and revenue for your business. 

Although the idea of choosing a mailing software and getting subscribers that you can send newsletters to, feels quite intimidating, it will be worth all your effort in not so long time. 

Your email newsletter is the most important component of your marketing in 2021 and beyond, because the email list is yours and yours alone, but social media platforms may change their algorithms over time.

You can easily set up an email marketing account with one of the best in the industry like Constant Contact, GetResponse, or SendinBlue.

Final Comments

It is prudent to always experiment with your digital marketing options. Digital marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all method, and it may take some trial and error before you find what works for your brand the most.

Finally, understand what’s involved in digital marketing and make adequate plans to execute it. No matter how simple or easy a tool might seem, ensure that your company has the proper skills and resources in place to implement your new strategy.

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