There are several WordPress tips and tricks to improve your WordPress website user experience and conversion to any height that you want. But how do you know which are the right tricks or tips to implement on your WordPress website? 

Below are 21 of the most effective WordPress tips and tricks you can implement on your website today.

1. Start with the basics

The saying that content is king is not an assumption but a proven fact. Creating your WordPress website content before starting the design will save you a ton of time and also give you a clearer direction on the overall look and feel of the site.

2. Focus on user experience

Create a great user experience for your target audience by utilizing a free WordPress theme that complements your brand identity and website content.

3. Use media Alt Text to your advantage

Smart use of keywords when naming your media files can significantly improve your SEO and search engine rankings. 

For example, when you search for any topic on Google, you’ll see “All” and next tab is “Images”, some searchers prefer to use the image tab to decide which site to visit, hence the need for keyword rich media Alt Text that can index your images on relevant searches.

4. Customize the links of your files

As a rule, use dashes and not underscores when naming your files. Why? Search engines like Google looks at underscores as mergers. 

Meaning your link will look like one long word, which will negatively impact your SEO goals. Use dashes to make it obvious that they are separate words

5. Keep your landing page simple

Less is more when it comes to design. Think about what your website visitors and potential clients would easily access and interact with and stick to a simple design and content flow. 

Elementor page builder can help you achieve a simple yet elegant website.

6. Back up your website regularly

Yes, most web hosting companies provide automatic website backup these days, but you need to make an effort to backup your website offline also. 

In the case you ever lose access to your website and your web hosting provider is not there to help, you have everything you need to completely restore your site.

7. Familiarize yourself with SEO

To help you stand a better chance of accomplishing your business goals online, you need to learn and implement basic SEO. Research on WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math to know which one to get started with.

8. Create a branded homepage

WordPress will provide you with a default homepage based on their 2020 theme. You shouldn’t feel lazy to change both the theme and the look of your homepage. 

Take the time to edit everything from header content to footer note and customize it match your brand identity.

9. Keep an eye on your website’s performance

Having a practical knowledge of free tools like Google Analytics can empower you to know what is working for your users and work on improving it. 

The easiest method is to install the Google Site Kit plugin on your website so you can monitor the basic performance level of your website.

10. Optimize All Your Images and Videos

Website speed is very important for good user experience and search engine ranking, that’s why utilizing free tools like tinypng can empower you to massively improve your WordPress website speed.

11. Make sure your site is secure

It is very important to protect your website from hackers and boost your website visitors confidence by installing SSL on your site. 

Most hosting providers like Site Ground or Green Geeks provide unlimited SSL certificates to ensure you do not run short of security. 

Also, website security happens to be a ranking factor on Google, so you’d want to reconsider having one if you do not.

12. Create custom permalinks

This refers to the URLs of the individual pages or posts of your WordPress website, for example: They’re vital cause they help make your search engine optimization efforts more fruitful.

13. Create a custom navigation bar

Creating a custom header and footer menu is very essential for improving user experience on your website. 

This will make it easy for visitors to click through to other parts of your website and find information they need much faster.

14. Include excerpts on your blog posts

Excerpts are short description or overview of your blog post. By including excerpts in your posts, you make it easy for visitors to read the summarized overview of your posts before clicking to read the posts they are most interested in. 

This will increase visitors engagement and also reduce bounce rate.

15. Optimize the mobile version of your website

It’s no secret that mobile visitors are double times visitors from tablet and desktop. 

Consider using the mobile view icon when customizing your website to adjust the look and flow of your WordPress site on mobile devices.

16. Use visuals and video content

Whenever necessary, combine relevant images, videos, clip arts or infographics to throw more light on your blog posts or page contents. 

It will not only help to emphasize your points but also improve user experience.

17. Build an emails list

These days, to have any sustainable business online, one must build an email list. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’ll be one of the most cost effective and rewarding investment you’ll make for your online business. 

Read how to grow your email list subscribers 2020 to learn more.

18. Use social proof

Social proof will show your new website visitors how many other people have already subscribed to your site or content, which will influence their decision to also subscribe. Search for Simple Blog Stats to help you do this in a matter of minutes.

19. Regularly update your WordPress website

Regularly check the update tab in your WordPress dashboard to learn of new updates for plugins and themes. Also, regularly adding new content in the form of blog posts or pages will improve your search engine ranking.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. The 17 tips and tricks to get more from your wordpress website. Happy designing.